Do you love playing the Toto game? Well, Singapore Costly have laid out the following rules for the buyers in a Toto game. Check these out to play.


A Toto set consists of 6 numbers ranging from 1 to forty nine numbers for a draw. The participant can purchase some these 6 numbers to begin the Toto game. The right match with any three or more of the won numbers qualifies the participant for a cash prize. Toto game usually offers cash prizes. However, these prizes may vary from company to another.


The following definiteions talk about the Toto game rules in general. These Toto game rules apply for outlet bets as well. Nevertheless, there can also be rules for Remote Bets in Toto.

Here, account means the type of account opened and administered by the account holder 메이저사이트. This account helps to place any bet through the account bets management system.

Account bets management system

The company offers Toto bets game using an Account bets management system. This implies the technique or system of electronic communication to offer the Toto game. It can also be used by the account holder who participates in the game. You can play the game using any electronic or technical media that facilitates communication. Such media range from the internet, television, telephone, radio and so on. These help communication on the account opening and monitoring rules and regulations. Further, they can definitely change per the company policy. Also, the company supplies every directly to modify the current rules from time to time.

Account holder

Account holder indicates the participant or the licensed owner. A merchant account holder has an account to place table bets with the company through the account bets system.

Authorized retailer

The company authorizes an agency to be the retailer of the Toto game tickets. These retailers help the company to use the operation and the agency. Furthermore, they can sell bet slipping and thereby earn revenue. However, they are constantly administered by the company and are responsible to the company for any discrepancy of the account.


Bet indicates to the deal between the participant and the company. It can be made either at the outlet in a manual way or through the account bets system.

Bet slip

Bet slip refers to the slip given by the company on the official bet website or in the outlet. It is employed by the participant to register the details of the bet.

Bets website

Bets website refers to the official website of the company and all the other web pags that are related or associated to the bets activity. Such sites or web places are regulated by the company from time to time in order to reveal their products, offers, and services.


Claimant refers to any person who claims a prize under the given rules.


Entry here refers to the system and ordinary entry.

Jackpot prize

Jackpot prize is group 1 prize. It also refers to other names given by the company. Further, the company announces the jackpot in their advertisement, promotional material, publications, press releases, and realises.


Outlet refers to the side outlets. The retailer copes with and runs outlet under the guidance of the company management. Consequently, the buyers can hand buy the tickets from these outlets without any headaches.

Relevant draw

Relevant draw refers to the draw for any entry to the Toto bets game. The company can also allot these draws to the participant. However, the company issues the allotment in the time deal. Everything are at the only real acumen of the company.

Remote bets

Remote bets indicates placing any bet via any account bets management system.

Ordinary and Critical Entry

An ordinary entry refers to the entry of the Toto game other than the means of a system entry.

The machine entry indicates the entry of the participants in the bets activity. This works per the convention in the rule 5.

Critical indicates a ticket issue machine. The company owns this machine and operates it. Further, the company or the dealer validates these tickets to check the authenticity.

A prospective participant can enter into multiple draws. However, it is important to seek permission from the company. Upon receiving the permission, you may take an entry to the bets game for multiple draws. The company determines these draws from time to time. The Toto game rules are applicable to every consecutive entry. However, this is when compared with every entering draw.

So, what are you still waiting for? You know the foundations of the game by now. All you need to do is buy the set of 6 numbers and begin your game. Make sure to choose the numbers between 1 to forty nine. Hey, whats your lucky umber?

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