To learn about online foreign currency exchange, beginners would usually go online to look for information. The basics that all beginners should know is that there are a few major currency pairs that being traded, namely the United States Dollars (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Great Britain Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Aussie Dollars (AUD), European Dollars (EUR) and others. These currencies are usually traded in pairs, where you buy one and sell the other currencies e.g. you will trade USD/JPY, EUR/JPY or EUR/USD.

In addition to knowing which major currency pairs are traded, beginners will also need to identify which forex broker to register with and what trading platform to use. It is always good to register with a regulated forex broker as they are more reliable.

For those who are lucky enough, forex course are offered at the vicinity of their home. For those who are thinking, or have decided, to sign up for one of these forex training courses, I would advise you to attend their preview first and get a feel of what these currency trading seminar offers.

I have summarized a list of must-haves that a good forex course should have. These would help you to identify and sign up for a good foreign currency exchange seminar.

1. Forex coach and mentor with weekly trade reviews. This will ensure you receive consistent coaching and gets you liber forex with the strategies you have learned at the forex course.

2. Support from the company that will provide regular updates of the forex industry. The foreign exchange market is dynamic and changes with time. Regular updates by the company you sign up with will ensure you are kept abreast with the latest changes and regulation in the forex world.

3. Assist you in identifying a good broker to trade with. Before attempting to go online trading forex, you must identify a good, reliable and regulated forex brokers. Your trainers must be able to help you identifying one.

4. Assist and guide you in opening a forex demo account. Before trading with your real money, also known as going live, it is always good to start with a demo account. A forex demo account functions like your real account, only it doesn’t use real money! With a demo account, it will help you get familiarized with the trading platform that you are using, the trading strategies you have learned and most importantly, how to execute a trade. Make you put in a sale trade when you want to sell and not buy! You can make as many “mistakes” you want in a demo account and learned from it so as not to repeat it in your live account.

5. Assist and guide you in opening a live account. Opening a live account will require additional steps such as validating that you are the genuine owner as well as sending in funds to your account before you can start trading with real money.