Believe it or not there are more Texas hold em games than you may know about. No limit Texas hold em has become the most popular as it contains the most action and can appeal to the television audience much better than the rest of the variations. Two common variations are limit and pot limit hold em. Limit hold em has a fixed limit of how much you can bet. In a 2 / 4 game the most you could raise would be 2 pre flop or on the flop and 4 on the turn or river. Betting caps are also put in place so players cannot keep raising back and forth until they have put all their chips into the pot.

Pot limit has the cap of the pot for your bet. You can “bet the pot” meaning your maximum bet is whatever is currently in the pot. This is similar to a common no limit bet, but does not have the ability to push “all in” unless your chip value is equal to or less than the total number of chips currently invested in the pot.

Spread limit is another version of limit hold em. In spread limit, a minimum and maximum amount is set. Let’s say you are playing a spread of 4-10. The minimum a person can bet would be 4 and the maximum would be 10. If player one bets 6, all other players joker123 for that round now must bet 6 or higher, up to 10. The first player to make a bet in spread limit has now set the minimum bet allowed. Multiple spreads can be set up for different rounds of betting, so one can have a larger spread on the turn or the river than preflop and on the flop.

Mixed limit, as the name implies, is multiple limits set for different rounds of betting. Preflop could be 1, flop could be 2, turn 3, and river 4. Mixed limit is basically the same as limit, only the amount of chips you are allowed to bet varies from round to round.

The kill game is a very interesting version of hold em. In a kill game, a player has to win 2 pots in a row where his win is a minimum of 5 times the big blind. If a player accomplishes winning two hands in a row, he now has the kill button placed in front of him. The small blind places their chips into the pot, big blind places their normal amount into the pot, and the person with the kill button places two times the big blind into the pot before the cards are dealt. The limit doubles for a kill game, and all players must now wager twice as much as the typical limit until the player with the kill button has lost.

The half kill game works in a similar fashion to the kill game with the only difference being that instead of the blinds doubling they only increase 1 ½ times.

A new popular variation of Texas hold em is seven two. Seven two consists of a side pot where every player puts double the big blind in when entering the game for the player who successfully wins or bluffs a pot holding seven two. It’s essentially a side bet each player puts into to see who can win with the worst hand in poker.