Do you know the steps to flirting with a man? Did you know body language speaks way louder than words? Do you know what your body language says? Don’t you want to express your interest without actually speaking it? Flirting has been around since the beginning of men and women. It is almost a science, but definitely Niteflirtphonesex as a form of art. This form of expression is very strong and persuasive. If you are feeling awkward around a new man then you should try flirting. Just to help direct you in how to best do that, here are five tips you must know about flirting with a guy.

Always Connect With Your Eyes

Throughout the dating industry eye contact has been left out of many discussions. I don’t think it should be because it is a great way to connect and flirt with a guy. Don’t stare uncontrollably, instead short length gazing into the guys eyes lets him know your interested for sure.

Acting coy and not coming on strong is the best way to flirt. Smiling is not forward and some don’t even consider it flirting. But smiling is the best way to say you are open to his advances. It also shows you are friendly and puts a glow on your face that is attractive.

Always Express A Smile

The best way to flirt is by not trying very hard to come on to him, and cracking a nice smile at the right times. This shows you are nice, and also available to get to know. This look makes for a very appealing attraction toward you.

Acting Natural Is The Way To Go

Many people may say to take all this advice in and act on it, but the problem is you just learned these tips so trying to do something you’re not used to usually ends up not being the best. In this case, and most any other, acting natural is the best way to show a calm, smooth character that any guy would enjoy being around.

Always Speak Effectively

Your voice should always reflect the setting you’re in. For example if you find yourself in a noisy restaurant, don’t try and speak over it, just maintain a normal tone. This is a great technique to use that will bring him closer to you to hear you, and sometimes a little more.

Be Soft To The Touch

One of the best ways of flirting with a guy is a soft touch to somewhere like his arm or hand. This lets him know you are trying to move closer, and interested in what he is doing or saying.