The “magical thinking” of believing that our lives will change for the better, is the same thing as believing that our lives will end in suffering. Both of these beliefs create the illusion of freedom and cause the sufferer to suffer. If you are one who believes these things best acim podcast then your only route to freedom is through ACIM. But, before we proceed let me explain why this program is different from all the other types of mind control methods out there.

As you may already know, most of the methods taught at these schools are not based on logical reasoning. Most of what we are taught can be explained by looking at a graph or two and making some broad generalizations. This is fine if you are talking about personal development, personal relationships, or life in general. However, when it comes to something as important as A Course in Miracles, you need to look at it from a logical standpoint, and not just some broad generalizations.

The Course in Miracles is all about changing your thinking, so that your subconsciousness does not think like those who are debilitated by linear thought. It’s been found that people who suffer from mental illnesses, or who are generally mentally unbalanced, have patterns in their thinking which cause them to attract suffering into their lives. These patterns can be brought about by thousands of years of brain engineering. All the science fiction writers would like us to believe that these patterns are genetic.

These scientists aren’t stupid, they are just trying to help us. What if you could reverse the process and undo the genetic programming? If you could do that, wouldn’t that be great? Well, the Course in Miracles does show how you can do just that. By using A Course in Miracles you are able to change your thinking to allow the brain to do what it was designed to do. In addition, you are shown how to change the beliefs that hinder you from reaching your full potential.

I have found that my clients come to me when they feel like their world has been turned upside down. They are tired of feeling unproductive, tired of being stressed out, bored, sad, or simply depressed. It’s amazing what a little bit of enlightened meditation and positive thinking can do for our overall well being.

The Course in Miracles teaches you to let go of old thoughts of failure, inadequacy, and unhappiness. Instead, you will learn to think more positively. Our lives are really made up of small moments. We get stuck on them, day in and day out. By learning how to pause, step back, and see the bigger picture – you can achieve much more.